Snowsculptures are dependent on a cold climate with natural snow, although artificial snow can be produced within an industrial freezer.

Some ice and snow sculpture exhibitions are held within these freezers.

Snow is compacted in large wooden boxes similar to the technique of sand sculpting, although the technique of sculpting this material is very different.

Snow is a strong and durable material, entire hotels, bars or restaurants can be built, they last the entire winter seasons and simply return to nature as summer approaches.


Ice sculptures, with there crystal clear appearence are the most elegant statement at any event.

The presence of an ice creation although temporary leaves a lasting impression.

Ice is as strong as concrete and with this material you could build houses or sculptures over 15 meter high.

But despite popular belief ice sculptures withstand many temperatures and last all evening, or infact all winter if the sculpture is built in a cold climate.

The smaller crystal clear sculptures are produced and carved individually for your event in our industrial freezer, then brought to you in a cooltruck, though we are based in the Algarve Portugal there are highly talented artists throughout Europe working together with us, so we can reach you wherever you are.

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